The National Media Council insists mandatory use of #Ad and #Paid_Ad on sponsored posts
UAE’s National Media Council emphasizes on the conditions that must be followed while advertising on social media.
Maintaining a social media presence for your audience? Here’s how.
Here is how 4 simple tips will help your business make its presence known on social media
Why consistency and passion are key for your YouTube channel to flourish.
‘Consistency is Key’. 3 common words we’ve all heard compiled into an inspiring sentence.
Google launches ‘Fundo’ for creators to host monetized virtual events.
Googles’ incubator division, ‘Area 120’ used for experimental projects has officially introduced ‘Fundo’.
How To Build A Positive Business Mindset Post-COVID
Here are 4 Tips you should look to for building (and maintaining) a positive business mindset
TikTok introduces the ‘Creator Fund’ to support and encourage ambitious creators who are seeking a livelihood through the app.
Over the past year TikTok has proved itself to be relevant, interesting and enjoyable to their users.
Here are five ways to increase traffic on your business website from your social media followers!

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Twitter Lists have been known as a secret weapon by many, easily tracking and categorizing different users and keeping tabs on industry trends.
Could Facebook Developing New AI Dance Technology Be Their Way of Competing with TikTok?
The newly developed AI dance technology by Facebook aims to augment dance projects rather than replace choreographers altogether. Although, we couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another way for Facebook to take on TikTok?
5 Ways to Increase Efficiency When Working from Home
While remote working may have several perks like flexibility and reduced expense on transit it may have negative side effects like reduced ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and other distractions which in turn affect one’s mental health and productivity.
How Facebook is Supporting Black-Owned Businesses
Over the year small businesses have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in addition to this small Black-owned business have also suffered because of racial inequalities. However, Facebook has taken initiative to help these businesses through this tumultuous time.
TikTok collaborates with Amazon to Enable TikTok controls via Alexa Voice Activation
TikTok hopes that the new update on the app increases functionality and keeps users engaged.
Are you the same person online as you are offline?
Is your online personality exactly how you behave in real life? Or is your online persona a more enhanced version of yourself?
How travel influencers can stay relevant despite COVID-19 travel restrictions
With no foreseeable end to COVID-19 travel influencers have been left in the dark, unable to predict when they can explore new destinations and create new content.
How influencers and brands can stay authentic and generate inspiring content
Content consumption is on the rise during COVID-19. So, what do brands and influencers need to do to build trust and generate inspiring content?