The National Media Council insists mandatory use of #Ad and #Paid_Ad on sponsored posts
UAE’s National Media Council emphasizes on the conditions that must be followed while advertising on social media.
Maintaining a social media presence for your audience? Here’s how.
Here is how 4 simple tips will help your business make its presence known on social media
Why consistency and passion are key for your YouTube channel to flourish.
‘Consistency is Key’. 3 common words we’ve all heard compiled into an inspiring sentence.
Google launches ‘Fundo’ for creators to host monetized virtual events.
Googles’ incubator division, ‘Area 120’ used for experimental projects has officially introduced ‘Fundo’.
How To Build A Positive Business Mindset Post-COVID
Here are 4 Tips you should look to for building (and maintaining) a positive business mindset
TikTok introduces the ‘Creator Fund’ to support and encourage ambitious creators who are seeking a livelihood through the app.
Over the past year TikTok has proved itself to be relevant, interesting and enjoyable to their users.
Here are five ways to increase traffic on your business website from your social media followers!

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TikTok has released 5 ways to boost your content!
TikTok has posted five tips for creators to take advantage of to boost their content.
Is it the end of TikTok in the US?
President of the United States, Donald Trump, is looking for ways to ban the widely popular app in the US to prevent national security threats.
Is the information you are getting from social media accurate?
Here is how to make sure the information you get from social media platforms is accurate
4 Ways to Engage your Audience on Instagram
Instagram has the highest engagement rates between brands and customers compared to other major social networks
Perks of having an Instagram for Business Account
Access to Instagram Analytics is important to monitor your reach and audience likes
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Video is known to be the best performing content across all social platforms, and here's how you can maximize engagement!
How the Different Generations of Consumers are Using Social Media
Gen Z, Gen X, Millennials and Baby Boomers use social media differently
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Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with these tips and tricks!