16.07 2020 13:22h

5 Creative Social Media Content Ideas to impress Customers

Keeping things fun, fresh and relevant can be a challenging task even for the savviest social media manager
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If you're a marketing team of one or a marketing manager with various responsibilities ranging from social media to blogging, you know how daunting and time-consuming some tasks can be.

Namely, planning out a social media content calendar.

That means figuring out an entire month of fresh content that needs to be engaging, stand out, and make consumers identify with your brand on social media. While that is a lot for a small team, it's even more when you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Looking for some inspiration, try these content ideas to put a fresh spin on your posts!

1. Conduct a poll on Instagram.

Using Instagram Stories is amazing for audience engagement. Hosting a poll on your Story is an interactive way to get your followers involved in making content choices for you.

Asking a question in a poll like, "What do you want to see us post next?" and giving them a couple of choices ensures that the content they pick will delight your followers. Alternatively, you can use polls as a chance to prove credibility.

2. On LinkedIn, post articles/stats about your industry.

Stuck about how to post LinkedIn content? Or what LinkedIn audiences want to see?

Think about what makes your company reputable. While other social platforms can show off brand personality, you can leverage LinkedIn as the tool for meaning business. Statistics are fabulous content pieces, as well as a definition guide of marketing terms that might be a little less known than say, SEO.

3. Create graphics for Instagram and Facebook.

I love this content idea for Facebook because it goes beyond the "typical" content brands might choose for the site.

For instance, Canva is a visual company, so posting content on platforms like visual-heavy Instagram is fairly typical, but Facebook can be used for stunning visuals as well.

4. Show the faces behind the company on Snapchat or Instagram.

Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok are social platforms with an emphasis on video content. Your brand can use these social platforms in creative ways that stays relevant to your company or industry. One of those ways is by showing the personality of your brand

5. Post your new blog or website content on your Instagram Stories.

To build traction on your website, try migrating customers towards your blog by putting it in an Instagram Story. Making the Story function in a "Swipe up to see more" fashion makes it easier for followers, since they don't have to close the app to visit your website.

Will you use these tips? Let us know!


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