19.07 2020 12:51h

Snapchat focuses on ad growth and engagement via ‘Snap Focus’ learning portal and Brand profiles

In addition to introducing coursework aimed at advertisers and agencies, the company is giving a select number of brands the ability to post permanent content
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Snapchat is boosting its efforts to attract more advertisers and is helping brands already on the platform connect with users. Last month, the company launched Snap Focus, a learning portal designed to give agencies and advertisers a “foundational understanding” of the app. It is also giving a limited number of brands a place to post permanent content with the new Brand Profiles – an extension of the “Public Profiles” released last year for creators and shows.

Snap Focus
Snapchat’s new learning portal includes a total of six courses, all available free of charge for advertisers and agencies. “Whether your focus is on media planning and buying, audience and communications planning, brand strategy, or creative development, Snap Focus has something for you,” writes Snapchat.

The coursework involves a broad selection of topics, all designed to help advertisers who have been slow to adopt Snapchat as an advertising channel. The six courses cover everything from a preliminary understanding of how the platform works to navigating Snap’s Ad Manager and best practices for developing content.

Snap Focus ad management courses
Intro to Snapchat
The Snapchat Generation
Advertising on Snapchat
Getting Started on Ads Manager
Creative Best Practices
Measure and Optimize Campaigns

Snapchat Brand Profiles
This week Snapchat made Brand Profiles available to a limited number of businesses on the app. Same as the “Public Profiles” released last year, the new feature gives brands a place to house permanent content — making it easy for users to find and subscribe to their favorite brands.

“With 229 million Snapchatters using the app daily, this real estate for our partners is especially important in a world where our Millennial and Gen Z audiences can be hard to reach,” writes Snapchat in its blog post announcing the new feature.

For now, only a select number of brands have access to the Brand Profile feature, including: Ben & Jerry’s, L’Oreal Paris, Ralph Lauren, Target and Universal Pictures. Snapchat says it plans to the open the feature to more businesses later this year.

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