27.07 2020 23:38h

A Social Media Influencer was arrested in Hawaii

Anne Salamanca, 20, allegedly violated Hawaii's mandatory 14-day quarantine as she was scene dancing in a store
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A 20-year-old social media influencer from the Philippines was arrested in Hawaii after she was scene dancing on a night out when she was supposed to be in mandatory quarantine for 14 days, as per the loval Government's rules.

Anne Salamanca who is known as Mika to her over 1 million Instagram followers, arrived in Honolulu on July 6 and four days later, the Hawaii Tourism Authority learned she was out in public, in violation of the 14-day quarantine, the state said in a news release Friday.

The tourism authority informed attorney general special agents, who were shown videos of her dancing and dining.

Salamanca was arrested and released on $2,000 bail.

The videos were reportedly recorded at a Sephora at Ala Moana Center and at a Korean restaurant on Ke'eaumoku Street in Honolulu.

She later issued a video apology on her Instagram page where fans left comments such as "Be Safe Mika, Praying for You" and "Stay Safe,"

'I admit that I made a mistake at the time when I arrived in Hawaii and we went out right away. I'm sorry,' she told her followers.

A state spokesperson has said, 'The fact Ms. Salamanca has so many followers makes her actions that much more dangerous and concerning.'

We agree. Anne does have influence and her followers are aware of where she goes and what she does, so it only makes sense that the rules would also apply to her, despite or even because of her social media presence. 

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