28.07 2020 16:40h

Renowned Kuwaiti Social Media Influencers charged in money laundering activities

As per Central Bank instructions, their bank accounts have been frozen and travel bans have been enforced
Kuwait, Scandal, Social Media Influencers
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The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has released the names of the renowned social media influencers who have been charged in a massive money laundering scheme, as reported by Kuwait media.

Dhara Al Asousi, The Attorney General, has ordered the immediate seizure of their assets and has placed a freeze on their bank accounts while also enforcing a travel ban.

The Ministry of Interior has sent the names of the accused to the border enforcement and airports to ensure that the accused do not attempt to flee.

The accused influencers are:
1. Fouz Al Fahad
2. Abdulwahab Al Essa
3. Dana Al Tuwarish
4. Mishari Buyabis
5. Halema Bouland
6. Maryam Reda
7. Farah Hadi
8. Jamal Al Najada
9. Shifa Al Kharaz
10. Yaqub Boushehr

On July 20th, Gulf News reported that Kuwaiti State Security were monitoring the activities of the ten accused influencers after their bank accounts showed massively inflated balance.

The common factor among these money laundering rings is luxury cars, watches, precious jewellery and yachts, which are one of the most important means to conceal money laundering operations.

According to the article, “Police confiscated several valuable assets including luxury, classic cars, motorbikes, expensive watches and jewellery, sums of money in different currencies, and boxes of alcoholic drinks.”

Further updates to follow...


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