28.07 2020 16:54h

The #WomenSupportingWomen challenge? We’re all for it!

The challenge on Instagram that has taken over the world has women posting the most beautiful monochrome photos of themselves to spread positivity.
Women Supporting Women, Social media Challenge
via Victoria Beckham Instagram

We have seen social media trends come and go, from the cinnamon challenge to wearing pillows as outfits. Now, we have the new trend, “Challenge Accepted” also called “Women Supporting Women” challenge.

The challenge is essentially where women share black-and-white photos of themselves and encourage others to do the same by nominating each other. According to an Instagram spokesperson, it was created in efforts to spread positivity, celebrate strength, spread love and female empowerment.


Women all over the world are posting photos with the caption “challenge accepted” and using hashtags to promote the challenge further. Even celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Khloe Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Reese Witherspoon, and more are taking part.

The #WomenSupportingWomen currently has around 6.9 million posts on Instagram.  The #ChallengeAccepted has around 3.9 million posts, take a look and see some of the beautiful women empowering each other.

Not only are celebs taking part by posting their most flattering photos, they are including inspiring captions to spread positivity and help others feel good about themselves. Kerry Washington captioned her photo “I am awed by the power of women loving each other and lifting each other up!!! And I adore you Xo”

Victoria Beckham accepted the challenge and posted a gorgeous photo of herself, she took it one step further and posted a photo of her daughter, Harper Seven, with the caption “raising strong women is as important as supporting them.”

Definitely a challenge we love, spreading positivity during a difficult time in the world.

Would you take part in the #WomenSupportingWomen challenge?


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