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An American Democrat from New York has made large strides with the younger generations as she shows them that politics isn’t all bad.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, current US House candidate NY-14, is known for her passion behind her work. From advocating climate change to calling out Representative Ted Yoho’s sexism in Congress, she has made headlines time and time again.

Ocasio-Cortez is one of the first female members of the Democratic Socialists of America elected to serve in Congress, as well as the youngest women ever to serve, taking office at the age of 29. Growing up in the Bronx with Puerto Rican heritage, she is the prime example of a modern political candidate.

“AOC”, as she often goes by, maintains an extremely active online presence, especially on Twitter, where her bio is a perfect summary of her values: “In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live.” Her charisma and activism seem to have left a fantastic impression on younger generations, with many of them almost worshipping her and following her various political movements.

Recently, AOC has been incredibly vocal about stopping the US military from attempting to recruit children on Twitch.

AOC filed an amendment recently introducing a measure that would prevent the military from using their funds to maintain a presence on video game and esports platforms. Speaking to Motherboard, she said “It’s incredibly irresponsible for the Army and the Navy to be recruiting impressionable young people and children via live streaming platforms." However, she took to Twitter as well to say, in an ever-relatable manner, “Imagine trying to explain to your colleagues who are members of Congress what Twitch is”.

Although this was met by some controversy from the older population, who claimed it was inessential for politicians to recognize a gaming site, members of both Gen Z and the millennial generation were quick to respond with both support and humour.

AOC has been incredibly vocal and persistent in using her position to advocate things that are important to her, and it’s clear that she’s come a long way from “waitressing in a taco shop in Manhattan”.

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