06.08 2020 15:32h

Get ready for The Weeknd's virtual concert on Tik Tok.

‘The Weeknd Experience’ is Tik Tok’s first in-app live augmented reality concert ever and promises to give fans an “interactive & immersive” experience.

‘The Weeknd Experience’, interactive concert will be held on 7 August, 2020, 8:30PM ET by The Weeknd on Tik Tok in partnership with XO, Republic Records, and Wave.

The Weeknd’s announcement of the cancellation of the ‘After hours’ tour earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, left fans heartbroken. However, The Weeknd, once again rose to the occasion and surprised his fans with the announcement of a cross reality concert for his new album.

Tik Tok said, “Created with Wave, the market leader in interactive virtual entertainment experiences, #TheWeekndEXP offers an "at-home" experience like no other--a technologically innovative presentation of the world's most listened-to artist on Spotify playing smash hits from his recent #1 album After Hours, the most-streamed R&B album in history.”

Like most of the other artists jumping onto the XR concert trend like Travis Scott with his ‘Astronomical’ concert on Fortnight and Tinashe’s concert for her album ‘Songs for you’ on wave, The Weeknd has also joined in on the fun.

While the concert may prove be an escape from reality for many fans it has a much deeper meaning and supports a good cause. The Weeknd will be donating all the funds received during his live concert on Tik Tok as well as money received from merchandise sales, towards the Equal Justice Initiative.

The Equal justice Initiative is an organization that is aims to challenge racial inequality and acquit wrongfully incarcerated individuals by providing legal representation to them.

How can you donate?

Fans can either make donations directly from the Tik Tok app or buy merchandise from the new collection being released only from August 6th - 10th. Tik Tok also stated that they would be matching the proceedings with a generous donation of their own.

How can you watch the concert?

RSVP to the concert from the link below and follow the steps after signing up:


Have you signed up for the concert?
Tell us in the comments below.


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