10.08 2020 20:18h

The only thing PewDiePie is controversial for is his taste in music in 2020

YouTube sensation, PewDiePie recently went viral for his leaked Spotify playlist and almost got cancelled.
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PewDiePie who’s also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, 30 was recently criticized for his taste in music and the difference of opinion divided twitter.

Although PewDiePie deleted his Twitter account in December 2019 he is often still trending on the app because of his 106 million subscribers on YouTube. This time it was because people were surprised as well as horrified with the youtuber’s taste in music.

His Spotify playlist consisted of lesser known artists like Kero Kero Bonito, SOPHIE, Arca, Rico Nasty, Rina Sawayama, Slayyyter, Yves Tumor, Swedish rapper Yung Lean, post-metal band Deafheaven and more.

Fans were shocked to see the youtuber listening to PC Music and hyperpop music with most of the artists on his playlist belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Twitter account @KATSUKlTTY said: “now I hate PewDiePie but why did his Spotify streams kinda pop off...”.

Some of the artists on his playlists however, were not too happy with the fact that he listens to their songs. Experimental pop artist, Spencer Hawk better known as Gupi took to twitter to express his distaste on the subject:


Gupi even went as far as suggesting that Spotify should implement a streaming block list where artists could block certain Spotify users from listening to their songs. NYC-based 21-year-old electro music producer Umru also advocated for the same thing on twitter:

The speculated reason as to why artists are reacting this way towards one of the biggest youtubers listening to their music is because PewDiePie was accused of being anti semantic and racist in the past. The artists still hold feelings of hostility that have not gone away just yet.

PewDiePie responded to the comments in a YouTube video “I Got Cancelled Again..” He said: “I don’t listen to music based on the artist. I listen to music I enjoy listening to.”

While some people found the whole situation just plain childish….


People within the hyper pop community were unhappy…


Others just made good natured jokes about it…


Do you think the reaction PewDiePie received was just childish? Or do you stand with the hyperpop community?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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