11.08 2020 12:50h

NikkieTutorials and her fiancé were robbed at gunpoint in their Netherlands home

Nikkie de Jager more commonly known as NikkieTutorials just went through a traumatic incident and the beauty community is here to support her.
NikkieTutorials, Transgender, Youtuber, Makeup Artist

On 8 August 2020 Dutch youtuber and makeup artist NikkieTutorials, 26 took to Instagram to confirm that she and her fiancé Dylan Drossaers had been held at gunpoint at their home in Uden. The beauty guru proceeded to reassure her friends and fans that the couple was “okay” but still processing the incident.

On hearing the news youtubers in and outside of the beauty community sent their prayers and love. However, the support from the makeup artists within the beauty community was stronger than ever. Makeup artists such as Jeffree Star, James Charles, Manny MUA and more rushed to support Nikki:

In a twitter statement made by the Dutch Police, they said: “There are at least 3 perpetrators who fled in a beige passenger car towards the A50.” They added that the perpetrators had left the house with an unknown amount of loot. It was also reported that although Nikkie and her fiancé were left unscathed a local resident sustained superficial injures. 

The police confirmed that they were investigating the case and that their forensic team would be conducting a “trace investigation.”

Nikkie is famously known for her makeup tutorials and reviews on YouTube. She has amassed a following of 13.5 million subscribers on YouTube itself and is thriving on all social media platforms.

Earlier this year on 13 January 2020 Nikkie released a video titled “I'm Coming Out.” Where she opened up about being transgender. She mentioned that the reason she was filming the video at that point in time was because she wanted to take back her power from the people that were blackmailing her, saying that they were going to leak her story to the press.

Do you think that the people blackmailing Nikkie had anything to do with the robbery?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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