11.08 2020 17:49h

How to increase traffic on your blog through Twitter

Here are 5 easy ways you can increase views on your blog through Twitter.
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With everyone bored at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a steady rise in the number of bogs being created. Putting down information for a story or taking pictures is the easy part but marketing your blog, that’s the hard part. We all know that it takes time and patience to see a blog get the amount of attention you want it to receive. But what if there was a way to speed the process along? 

Be direct and clear in your Twitter bio
A person visiting your Twitter page is always going to look at your bio first. It lets the viewer know who you are, where you’re from, and what work you have possibly done. Don’t be afraid to drop a link to your blog here. You need to also include what kind of blog you run, whether it’s a photoblog, food review page or lifestyle blog so that viewers can gauge whether or not they may be interested in what you blog about. Know your niche, don’t blog about everything you possibly can or you may end up confusing your viewers.
Be succinct in your bio. No one wants to read a whole paragraph and get nothing out of it. The more direct you are, the more likely someone will want to see what you blog about and will remember you for it.

Get creative with your Twitter posts
While being brief in your bio is great, it may not work so well with your tweets about your blog. A Buzzfeed article said: “People are retweeting and liking longer tweets almost twice as much as shorter ones.”
As a Twitter user, you have a 280-character limit per tweet. So, use as many characters as you possibly can to describe the blog post you are linking to your tweet. Twitter works based on relevancy and SEO. The more keywords you use in your tweets (in relation to your blog post) the more likely your blog will be made available to a larger audience.
You could also incorporate a small excerpt from your blog post into your tweet. Make sure to not give away too much information but just enough to keep the viewer intrigued. This will make them want to read your article or check out your blog.
Most importantly don’t forget to add a link to the article in your tweet and use hashtags!

Include polls and questions based on your blog
Twitter has even allowed users to create polls. Incorporating polls into your tweets based on your blog article/page is a fun way to increase views on your blog as well as other Twitter users' interaction with your tweets. The greater the number of people interacting with your tweet the higher the chance of your tweet spanning out to other Twitter users in turn giving your blog more traffic.
Ask viewers questions like what they think about your blog or their opinions on a specific article that you linked. This is a great way to more traffic on your blog as they would have to actually view your blog to answer a question.

Post more on your blog and retweet
The more blogs you post the more likely you are to tweet about it. If people are interested in what you tweet about there is automatically going to be a greater number of views on your blog.
Retweet accounts that share your blog posts. Retweet past content too. Things that you may have written about in the past may become relevant again. You can even tweet the link to a blog post with different descriptions, more than once at different times during the day.  Keep in mind that viewers live in different time zones.

Upload captivating images
Include captivating pictures from your blog or any pictures relevant to your blog in your tweets. Incorporate data and statistics in some of your tweets if that’s what your blog post contains as visual imagery is always more persuasive than text.

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