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TikTok has released 5 ways to boost your content!

TikTok has posted five tips for creators to take advantage of to boost their content.
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On July 31, TikTok posted to their Newsroom outlet to help creators understand the algorithm and reach more people. the reason they have posted this is because they understand the power behind the “For You” page and how it helps many creators get discovered all over the world.

Firstly, creators should make videos that stand out! 
Storytelling, sparking conversations, drawing the audience back in are all ways that would make your videos stand out from the rest. Videos in vertical form, longer than five seconds, using captivating captions and creative effects are some tools you should use to make your videos interesting. “Story times” on TikTok get a lot of views because the audience always wants to know what happens next.


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Secondly, measuring video performance is a great way to see your engagement rates and reach.
By changing your profile to a Pro account, you are able to use the analytics tool to understand the performance and engagement of your content. It will show you things like your weekly and monthly views, follower growth, and your trending videos. Switching to a Pro account is easy just follow these steps:

Thirdly, is connecting with the right audience
Once you start measuring your video performance you will get a clearer idea of the type of content your followers enjoy. In order to expand further and reach more people, consider using hashtags and trending music and sounds.

On almost every TikTok video you see, you’d see the #FYP or #ForYouPage but TikTok representatives say that these hashtags won’t necessarily improve your chances of reaching a broader audience. They recommend using the caption to add context to your video with relevant hashtags or tagging other creators that inspired your video or to join a trend.

Lastly, the number of videos you post won't impact whether it reaches people For You page or not
Views vary based on the content. That means you can experiment with the types of videos you want to post and use the analytics tool to see what your followers are enjoying more. Get creative!

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