17.08 2020 09:30h

Twitters reaction to Russia’s claim to having COVID-19 cure

Suspicion of Russia’s claim to having developed a COVID-19 vaccination is rising among the public.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that the locally developed COVID-19 vaccination named ‘Sputnik V’ had “passed all necessary tests”, even though it had not undergone phase 3 clinical trials.
A Phase 3 clinical trial is the stage at which the vaccine is administered to a large number of people to determine whether or not it is safe and effective to distribute to the general population.

Putin said: “I know it works fairly effectively.”  He added that his daughter had already been inoculated and there was no negative effect of the vaccine.


However, people are starting to get suspicious of the alleged COVID-19 cure as Russia had not published any data on the prior stage trials either. What raised eyebrows was the fact that ‘Sputnik V’ was also not even on the New York Times vaccine tracker for phase 3 trials.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund who helped bankroll the vaccine said that the data regarding the vaccine would be published in August and September while the vaccine itself would be available to Russians as soon as October, during an interview with CNN.

He also claimed that 20 countries had collectively already ordered a billion does of the vaccine while others were showing interest but scientists are still not convinced about its efficacy.
Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, said that he “seriously doubted” the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in an interview with National Geographic.

Meanwhile, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had volunteered to receive the vaccination as he said that he had full faith in the Russian vaccine.

Twitter on the other hand has had a range of varying reactions to the vaccine…





People were even speculating that the Trump administration may now release a rushed form of an American vaccine to contest ‘Sputnik V’ or buy the Russian vaccine in the hopes of getting re-elected…


The memes have arrived …



Would you take a vaccine without it undergoing the third phase of clinical trials?
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