21.08 2020 10:00h

How travel influencers can stay relevant despite COVID-19 travel restrictions

With no foreseeable end to COVID-19 travel influencers have been left in the dark, unable to predict when they can explore new destinations and create new content.
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Content creation is at an all-time high within all influencer communities except the travel community.
Travel influencers rely heavily on being able to physically explore new cities, retell their experiences and provide detailed advice to fellow globetrotters. But, with all travel coming to a complete standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has brought content creation for this community to a halt.

Most influencers have a content niche, a certain genre that their audience follows them specifically for, but when influencers cannot cater to their audience the number of views and subscribers on their page begins to decline.

Many Travel influencers have left their nine to five jobs to go on an adventure, and receive most of their income from advertisements, sponsorships, and freelance assignments. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic at large, travel influencers are struggling to stay up to date with content creation and are noticing a dip in not only their website traffic but also the number of brand deals they receive.
Some travel influencers have even been heavily criticized for not following travel restriction rules and still posting about their vacations during quarantine. So where does the line need to be drawn when it comes to blogging about travel? How can travel influencers stay relevant with the current restrictions in place?

Travel locally

While many countries have travel bans or do not accept tourists into the country, traveling locally is not as restricted. You may get to explore your own country in a way that you have never thought of before and learn new things about it. Since most influencers initially receive traffic on their pages from individuals from the same country as them, it would be a great way to celebrate your culture, country and reach out to that demographic of individuals.

Post ‘Throwback’ stories or pictures reminiscing about trips abroad

Posting throwback stories and pictures are always a great way to go. While everyone is bummed out about not being able to vacation, living vicariously through travel influencers is the next best option. Bringing back fond memories and encouraging your viewers to reminisce theirs will help your site gain more traction. The feeling of nostalgia has possibly been one of the main emotions people have felt throughout the pandemic. Currently, people love to ponder on a point in time where things were better and when they had no restrictions imposed on them.

Collaborate with other travel influencers online and speak about your individual experiences in a particular country

Sharing your experiences with other influencers and having them relate to you or tell your audience a different point of view makes things more interesting. Collaborations would also mutually benefit both influencers as subscribers from one page would be introduced to the author of another.

Recycle content you haven’t talked about by adding a new twist to it

At times many viewers don’t scroll right to the bottom of your page. So, picking up a story that you have told in the past or a picture you have posted a while ago and reposting it with a new angle is an easy way to generate content.
Ensure that your recycled topic does not tell the exact story as the previous one because that makes your page look boring. Try thinking of another experience that you had or an incident you witnessed, that you haven’t spoken about yet. Although the story may be dated it could be a source of relatively new information that people are always eager to know about.


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