23.08 2020 10:00h

3 Ways to work around the current economic climate of the fitness industry as a fitness influencer

With brands cutting back on their budget for advertising and brand deals the economic downturn is evident and it shows in the fitness industry.
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COVID-19 has brought about a lot of change, some of it not as good as others. The burden on the fitness industry is one of them.

While the fitness industry is extremely lucrative for the most part, for fitness influencers it is largely based on ad revenue and sponsorships.

However, with the current economic condition’s fitness influencers have stopped posting videos and pictures of themselves working out at studios and aesthetic locations. Instead, they just post from home. This has caused them to lose potential brand deals.

Quarantine has resulted in fitness influencers losing important gigs that contribute to their revenue too. Local gyms are even suffering a setback due to the lack of regular customers.

Here are three ways you can overcome the current economic climate and boost your fitness channel followers:

Have live interactive online classes on streaming platforms such as Instagram live

With the onset of COVID-19 social media engagement has increased. There has been a rise in the number of virtual fitness classes in order to boost morale of the general public. Online classes have proven to be the most effective way for fitness instructors to reach out to their audience. People love having a work out buddy so if you can go live and work out with people in real-time rather than just posting a YouTube video about it would not only help boost the number of followers on your social media accounts but also improve the perception of your online persona.

Post IGTV fitness videos. With Instagram’s new monetization scheme on IGTV videos, you may be eligible to receive a small amount of money if you follow the criteria.

Substitute gym weights with other household items

Many individuals that watch fitness influencers and celebrity trainer videos do not have a home gym with professional equipment. Therefore, using household items like milk or juice cartons as weights would appeal more to the general public because you, as a fitness influencer would be showing them exactly what to use to get fit within the comfort of their own home. It could also generate a certain amount of traffic on your channel as everyone loves a relatable, achievable and unique way of achieving their goals.

Continue to create authentic content

Creating content that sets you apart from others always makes a difference. Unique content is hard to find in the fitness industry as many complex workout routines are based on more simple exercises that ultimately have the same goal. You need to know what makes your workout routine different from the rest so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Do you have any suggestions on how influencers can develop their fitness brands during quarantine?
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