18.08 2020 13:32h

How influencers and brands can stay authentic and generate inspiring content

Content consumption is on the rise during COVID-19. So, what do brands and influencers need to do to build trust and generate inspiring content?
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The demand for content is exponentially greater than the amount of content being created.
Although content creation has significantly increased over the past few years it is unable to keep up with the growing demands of the public. Hence, influencers and brands need to generate more content while staying authentic.

In these difficult times amid the COVID-19 pandemic, inspiring content is the need of the hour. Brands need to market their products in an innovative way that relates to the current situation while influencers need to produce content that can keep followers engaged.

Here are four ways you can become more trustworthy and generate inspiring content:

Nurture interaction on your social media channels

Social media is every influencer and brand’s golden ticket. Social media is the easiest way to promote your brand and get content to disperse far and wide. Turning your comment sections on and replying to direct messages is a great way to increase traffic on your social media account. It also shows the general public that you as an influencer or brand have nothing to hide and are open to critique which in turn makes you more trustworthy.

Review brands before endorsing them

Over the past few year’s influencers have faced backlash for not trying out brands or researching about them before endorsing them, leading to a certain level of mistrust generated among their followers against their content. A key example of this was the ‘Fyre Festival’ scandal.
Stay true to your followers. Don’t post fake sponsored posts just to demonstrate how credible you are. Review and research a brand before endorsing it. Keep your fans in mind, not the payout.
Brands on the other hand need to execute plans exactly how they market them to influencers.

Ask customers or fans to review your company and recommend what they want to see from you

By asking for reviews from customers it showcases the willingness of a brand to change for the better. Incorporating changes suggested also plays a big role. Customers need to know that they are being heard.
Ask followers what they want to see from you. If you are all out of original ideas your followers may help you come up with some new ones and this could in turn be your way of generating new, inspiring content.

Be you and keep your content original

By being yourself, it automatically makes your content more authentic and trustworthy to followers. Instead of focusing on monetizing your follower count concentrate on the quality of content, you are producing.

How would you generate authentic, inspiring content?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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