24.08 2020 16:25h

TikTok collaborates with Amazon to Enable TikTok controls via Alexa Voice Activation

TikTok hopes that the new update on the app increases functionality and keeps users engaged.
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TikTok announced that users on the app could access controls by just saying "Alexa, open TikTok!" The new TikTok collaboration with Amazon brought a hands-free element to the app.

From searching for sounds to exploring videos on the ‘for you’ page to recording them, TikTok got you covered. The update made it easier for users to search for tutorials and DIY videos on TikTok, if their hands were dirty. It also allowed users to record videos without having to set a timer.

TikTok said that the new collaboration with Amazon upgraded not only the functionality of the app but also hoped to enhance the creativity of their users and engage them with inspiring content.

The update is available and can be accessed by anyone that has an Alexa-enabled mobile device or Alexa-enabled mobile accessories such as Echo Buds. All the user has to do is say “Alexa, ask TikTok” and speak their command immediately after.

In a statement, TikTok added: “We're always exploring new product features, effects, and tools that make it easy to create and explore videos on our platform. Our Alexa skill for TikTok is another exciting way we’re improving the app experience for our users, and we're excited to see how it inspires new kinds of creativity on our platform.”

However, TikTok is not the only app that one could access by just spitting out an Alexa search command. People could also open up and use Alexa search commands in various other apps like Twitter, the Yellow Pages app, the Sonic app and more.

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