24.08 2020 22:10h

CGI-created virtual influencers are the new trend in Social Media Marketing

Why are brands hopping on the CGI-created virtual influencer trend when there are several in real life influencers available to them?
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Companies have started to develop virtual influencer personalities with the help of CGI, to be ambassadors for their brand to keep up with the recent trend of influencer marketing.

While companies have relied on the popularity of real-life influencers to endorse their brands some companies have decided to take a more original route, building influencers using artificial intelligence, from scratch.

Companies have created fictional characters with personalities and looks sculpted to their preference to resemble humans. These AI created characters serve as brand ambassadors and the companies can control every aspect of their being.

Lil Miquela,19 who debuted on Instagram in April 2016, is a prime example of a CGI-created virtual influencer.

So why are brands hopping on the CGI-created virtual influencer trend when there doesn’t seem to be a dearth of IRL (in real life) influencers?

When creating fictional influencers, the brand has full control of what personality traits they want the character to have and how they want them to look. They have the ability to create the perfect brand ambassador with absolutely no fundamental flaws. This reduces the time taken to search for the perfect face for the Brand.

With the rise of the ‘Cancel culture’ phenomenon, using CGI created brand ambassadors seems like a full proof promotion plan. Influencers are often “canceled” if they make a mistake the public deems offensive in any shape or form. Influencers are publicly shamed online and at times this can not only affect their own lives but also the sales of the brands that they endorse. At times the brand that sponsors them could also get caught in the crossfire and may be “canceled” too. Therefore, when companies create CGI influencers, they are reducing the risk of their brand getting “canceled”.

The whole concept of CGI influencers is futuristic and unique. With several companies partaking in the influencer marketing scheme brands need to implement original and creative ideas to stand out. CGI influencers are exactly that, unique and innovative.

Do you think the CGI- created virtual influencer trend will last?
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