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5 Ways to Increase Efficiency When Working from Home

While remote working may have several perks like flexibility and reduced expense on transit it may have negative side effects like reduced ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and other distractions which in turn affect one’s mental health and productivity.
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The possibility of one being physically present but mentally absent is very common in remote working scenarios.
You may be physically present, sitting in front of your computer and staring at your work but you may not be processing information efficiently. So how can you increase your productivity and attention span while working remotely?

Plan your workflow the previous day

Planning out your tasks the previous day allows you to compartmentalize your work and effectively prioritize more important projects over less time-sensitive ones. Having an organized schedule to refer to ensures that you are not flailing around but rather taking up a task and completing it to perfection.
Ensure that you wake up at your usual wake up time on a normal in-office workday. This helps you maintain your routine which could help you get into the workplace mindset, therefore, allowing you to increase efficiency.

Create a workspace you can concentrate in

Being present in a space where there are minimal distractions is the best way to increase efficiency. It increases an individual’s ability to process information quicker and increases their focus. Reducing clutter and keeping your workspace clean ensures that your mind is in work mode too. If you don’t have a spare room set up your computer or devices at a dining table or kitchen island, a place where you won’t have any distractions.
Don’t work in bed! That is the one place your mind is relaxed and that’s not the state your mind should be in while working remotely. As stated by Psychology Today: “You may find yourself feeling less motivated to work and more inclined to take a nap.”

Get some fresh air

When commuting to work you have the ability to take in your surroundings and breathe fresh air. However, because of remote working and quarantine measures instituted, the possibility of one receiving a negligible amount of fresh air in a day is high. Fresh air is needed so an individual can process details better and increase their productivity.
When you’re at home open a window and air out your workspace. When taking a break from work, stand in your balcony, if your apartment has one just so you can breathe in some fresh air. Alternatively, if you live in a villa or house take a walk in your back yard. You could even grow a plant in your workspace so you can breathe in clean air.

Take breaks and communicate

Taking breaks between completing tasks is important it ensures that your consistency and endurance won’t dwindle. Whether the break is just walking around your apartment or going to grab a snack you must take time out of your busy schedule to give your mind a break. Overworking yourself could lead to burnout, therefore, deteriorating not only your efficiency and productivity but also mental health.
Communication is Key. Conversing with family in your free time and voicing concerns about work could reduce the burden on yourself. 
Since the onset of COVID-19, communication has been hard amongst colleagues due to the introduction of remote working. However, keeping in touch with coworkers and ensuring that work is distributed equally could make the whole process of working from home easier. Use zoom or chat options to ask your teammates for help when you need it too.

Keep work time and personal time separate

It’s easy to get lost in work and have it engulf your ‘me’ time. Therefore, keeping personal time and work time as far apart from each other as possible would be for the better. They also have to be balanced for you to get enough work done in the day and remain mentally healthy at the same time. Your time in transit to and from work has also been reduced so take advantage of that extra time and indulge in your hobbies.

How are you managing remote working?
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