26.08 2020 15:50h

Could Facebook Developing New AI Dance Technology Be Their Way of Competing with TikTok?

The newly developed AI dance technology by Facebook aims to augment dance projects rather than replace choreographers altogether. Although, we couldn’t help but wonder if this was just another way for Facebook to take on TikTok?
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Facebook developed a new AI system that could choreograph original dance moves based on beats in songs.

The new feature is unique as the system doesn’t learn from human actions and mimicry but rather analyzes music and generates its own moves, as stated by Research Scientist Devi Parikh.

However, we can’t help but wonder whether this is just another way for Facebook to take on TikTok. There have been instances where Facebook has tried to challenge TikTok like when they incorporated the “short video” function which was just another TikTok-style video format feature. This was also tested in India, where a ban on TikTok was recently imposed.

It may also seem unreasonable for a company to develop AI dance technology to help choreographers as these dance instructors pride themselves on their creativity and ability to compose complex, unique dance sequences.

With the recent dance trends on TikTok, generating quality dance content is necessary to stay relevant on the ‘for you’ page. By creating this kind of AI dance technology Facebook has catered to the needs of their younger demographic and given young dance influencers a resource to refer back to when they need a simple routine for 30-second dance videos on TikTok.

Alternatively, Facebook claims that the reason for creating this feature is to help enhance dance projects by choreographers. Much like how writers face ‘writer’s block’, dance choreographers deal with a similar phenomenon. Facebook said that they wanted to give choreographers and dance instructors a helping hand when dealing with their ‘dancers block’. The system would allow choreographers to have a “eureka” moment and proceed with their creative process rather than replace them.

Parikh said: “The ways humans and machines approach problems are so different — but together that diversity can help to unblock.”

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