30.08 2020 13:18h

Lilly Singh ordered a primetime sketch comedy series at NBC!

Lilly Singh is expanding her presence at NBC, they have ordered two episodes of “Sketchy Times with Lilly Singh.”
Lilly Singh, Comedy Show, NBC, YouTube

NBC, the broadcast network, has ordered a primetime sketch comedy series from the YouTube star. The show will see Lilly Singh perform multiple sketches where she portrays every character. Each episode will have a specific theme and Singh will perform her well-known musical parodies.

According to NBC, production will be at Singh’s home with minimal crew with safety protocols enforced due to COVID-19. Dates for the episodes have not been released yet, NBC could potentially order more episodes if the first two perform well!

Singh has spoken on the topic, “ten years ago I started playing every character in my sketches because my friends were all ‘stop annoying us to be part of your skits.’” She went on saying “with Sketchy Times, I'm going to play every character because me, myself, and I have been training for this moment.”

Lilly Singh, previously known as IISuperwomanII, has over 36 million followers. She was fist debuted on NBC with her late-night talk show “A Little Late with Lilly Singh,” being the first person of Indian and South Asian descent to host a late-night talk show.

Will you be watching her new show, Sketchy Times with Lilly Singh?

Let us know in the comments below!


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