02.09 2020 16:27h

The Evolution of Beauty Brand Launch Parties After the Onset of COVID-19

Beauty brands are getting creative with launch parties amid the COVID-19 pandemic since in-person events and promotions are still suspended in the U.S. Beauty labels such as Marc Jacobs Fragrance and Fenty Skin started virtually hosting their launch parties.
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Before the pandemic, beauty labels invested in over the top, large-scale promotion tactics and launch parties to gain exposure. However, with the onset of quarantine, brands have been forced to revert to virtual promotion methods but this time they are not void of extravaganza.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances decided to go for a more subdued fragrance launch this year as compared to the previous, more elaborate Santa Monica Pier takeover in 2018.

Marc Jacobs hosted a launch party on 26 August 2020, for his new fragrance ‘Perfect.’ The party was held via zoom and the event commenced with a stellar performance by pop star Kim Petras.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances pulled out all the stops to keep guests engaged by having an interactive launch where people could get their portraits drawn up while chatting with illustrator and artist, Jacky Blue. The personalized experience made all the difference as there was something for everyone to love.

Earlier this year Fenty beauty also partook in a similar activity for the launch of ‘Fenty Skin.’ The launch of the new skincare line by singer, songwriter, and beauty mogul Rihanna shocked fans as a surprise virtual ‘House Party’ with a video game interface was initiated.

A virtual Fenty house was created, where Rihanna chatted with rapper Lil’ Nas X and Fenty Skin Ambassador Sean Garrette about music and products in the skincare line.

Guests were given the opportunity to discover fun facts about the products through hidden ‘treasures’ in the garden and around the virtual hot tub. Guests were even allowed to enter different rooms of the house titled “bar” where custom signature cocktail recipes were given, “living room” where livestreams with Rihanna were featured, and “spa” where links to Fenty Skincare products were listed.

To make things more exciting a DJed dance party where guests could livestream themselves from the living room or dance floor as if they were dancing together in real life, was also featured.
We wonder if digital marketing in terms of virtual reality is the next big step in every industry and not just beauty or music after seeing the outcome of recent virtual concerts and online beauty launch parties.

Do you think Virtual launch parties are the next big step in the beauty industry?
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