05.09 2020 21:35h

5 Podcasts in the U.A.E. we know you’ll love!

We’ve compiled a list with some of the best podcasts in U.A.E. that dive into a variety of topics ranging from history and culture to fitness and nutrition.
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Five podcast channels you need to listen to!

B for Better Health


If you’re searching for a podcast that covers nutrition and exercise Baraa Al Sabbagh should be your go-to girl. Baraa is a ‘U.S. registered dietitian, certified sports nutritionist, and personal trainer’ that runs a podcast called ‘B for Better Health’. The podcast is very informative as she gives people advice on how they can have a healthier lifestyle and also answers common questions regarding health and exercise, in detail. She covers different topics ranging from “How to Lose Belly Fat” to “Are You Eating Your Emotions?” Baraa ensures that she answers common questions regarding weight loss and even invites guest speakers such as doctors who provide their expert opinion on the issue.



‘DXBabies’ is run by a dynamic duo, Maram El Hendy and Lana Makhzoumi. The podcast discusses issues relevant to the meme generation and indulges in topics like women empowerment. The informal style of talking makes the podcast extremely enjoyable and relatable as they chat about love and issues they face at work.

Books of My Life

If you are an avid reader you may enjoy this podcast. The podcast hosts different authors and celebrities that discuss their favorite books. Guest speakers such as Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh and Arianna Huffington have made an appearance on the podcast already and spoken about ‘Which books made them cry? What is currently on their bedside table? Which novel they wish they had read as a child? Which books could they not do without?’

Emirati Stories


‘Emirati Stories’, hosted by a French journalist, Nathalie Gillet is a podcast that gives you an insight into the Emirati society and culture through personal stories. The podcast is a burst of fresh air as Nathalie dives deep into the personal history and family heritage of Emirati’s. It gives you a different outlook on Emirati culture and hearing the personal stories are both entertaining and intriguing.

Two Vegans


The podcast is hosted by Chirag Desai and Heetal Bhatia. They speak about veganism and target prevalent issues with regard to animal cruelty in the food industry.  The casual discussion of topics based on the vegan lifestyle between two friends is info packed and puts things into perspective for all meat eaters. Chirag Desai is also the founder of Amaeya Media Network which is ‘the UAE’s largest podcast network that aims to unlock the untapped potential of on-demand audio content for the Middle East.’

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