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Twitter Lists have been known as a secret weapon by many, easily tracking and categorizing different users and keeping tabs on industry trends.
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Twitter Lists are getting more focus due to their benefits, Twitter published a set of tips for social media managers to maximize their efficiency and process.

1. Use Twitter lists to keep your competitors close

The first tip they released relates to keeping tabs on competition. This can provide insights into the tactics and effectiveness of your competitors’ Twitter strategy. Data taken from Twitter Lists can be hugely valuable, using the advanced search operator you can create more complex search queries to identify emerging trends and opportunities.

2. Showcase Twitter all-stars

Twitter advises that social media marketers create a List of brands with a strong Twitter presence, even if they are outside the industry. This can help you learn what works and how they are evolving their approaches. Content on Twitter is constantly evolving, taking time to identify brands that are consistently “in” on the latest memes and conversations can help you spot opportunities to join or hold off on the latest trends.

3. Connect with peers in your segment

Twitter has also suggested that brands should keep a List of industry peers, and sub-accounts operated by your parent business, in order to stay in touch with relevant cross-promotional opportunities and ways you can strategically align with new updates. This can be extended to potential partner brands, influencers, organizations, local groups. This could expand your thinking on new promotional avenues.

4. Consolidate social media news

Social media managers consider setting up a specific List for social media industry news and platform updates. Social media landscape is always changing, practices used a few months ago can quickly become outdated. A dedicated list to stay on top of everything would be a great way to ensure you are alerted to the latest changes.

Overall, Twitter Lists are a useful feature, being able to set up a dashboard of lists to help keep tabs on relevant trends and changes, are worth looking into, these tips are great pointers.

Do you find these tips useful and will you be using them?
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