14.09 2020 16:57h

Two worlds collide as the Travis Scott x McDonald’s collab drops merchandise including an iconic chicken nugget pillow.

One of the most unexpected collaborations in 2020 so far took place just recently.
Tavis Scott, McDonald’s, Collaboration

Renowned ‘Astroworld’ rapper Travis Scott shook the world by partnering with McDonald’s this month and introduced the $6 “Travis Scott meal” that includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries along with BBQ sauce and a Sprite with extra ice.

With an iconic collaboration like this, there is always hope for something bigger on the deck. Fortunately, another interesting and rather amusing launch followed right after the ‘Travis Scott meal’. Around 24 graphic t-shirts that showcase the unforgettable and unique 2000s McDonald’s clip art are available on the site waiting to be grabbed!

You thought that was it? Brace yourselves because there’s more! For denim enthusiasts, there’s a dark-wash denim jean with the iconic Golden Arches embroidered on the left back pocket which are found to be $300. Moreover, don’t miss out on the $250 menu rug that contains Travis Scott’s McDonald’s order, a Cactus Jack McDonalds Styrofoam Cups and the most legendary drop to happen in the history of McDonald’s ever, the far too realistic, salivating chicken nugget body pillow priced at $90. McDonald’s chicken nugget enthusiasts are probably wiped off their feet by now with pure astonishment. Head to the site shop.travisscott.com to get your hands on it! Don’t forget to savor the Travis Scott meal as the promotion ends on October 4th!


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