14.09 2020 19:30h

‘Uncut with S1’ is back and better with a fresh Season 2!

If you are a podcast enthusiast, buckle up because Uncut with S1 is back with a bang!
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One of the biggest and hottest podcasts in the UAE, Uncut with S1, is back after 5 long months of hopeful waiting. The Award Winning and Recording Academy Artist, S1, has made a comeback for a polished Season 2 and trust us, it is bigger and better than ever!

With around 30.1k subscribers and a combined view count of 1.7 million views, S1 hosts the podcast each episode along with a guest while sharing an exclusive insider scoop on the trendiest topics, celebrities and interesting personalities all while keeping up the chill vibe in the room. However, due to COVID-19 the show unfortunately was kept on hold.

S1 has had a variety of guests be a part of his show where he connects with their experiences and life stories! Some of these guests include Silento, Faze Clan, Hazel E, MoVlogs, Sam Chui, Bin Baz and more! S1 made a comeback with his latest episode with the well-known RJ Mitte from ‘Breaking Bad’ where the two have an interesting conversation virtually! Best known for his performance as Walter “Flynn” White in the Award-Winning show Breaking Bad, RJ Mitte is an actor, advocate and philanthropist who has established his name in the Hollywood Industry by breaking down stereotypes and maintaining a positive outlook on life while coping with cerebral palsy.

Watch the Full Episode here

Nothing is off-limits with S1 which is why Season 2 is back better than ever! Fans are tuned in to the Uncut Conversations with S1 as it gets personal, rowdy, crazy and funny on different levels. Season 2, however, will be bigger and juicier and will be packed with even more guests who are ready to dive into those uncut convos and match the energy in the room!

One such personality who will join S1 soon is quite a well-known one! Being an American record producer, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger and film and tv producer, this well-known personality has spent over 60 years in the entertainment industry! It doesn’t end there! This future guest has collaborated with notable artists in the industry including G-Eazy and French Montana and is always artistically innovative, all for which he received a well-deserved Grammy Legend Award and many more honors! Stay tuned to find out who it is!

The outgoing and chill personality, S1, with his show ‘Uncut with S1’, one of the leading audio-visual podcasts in the Middle East region is back in business and ready to take over the industry! So, don’t miss out and subscribe to ‘Uncut with S1’ on YouTube for Season 2! Stay tuned for uncut conversations with your favorite personalities!

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