11.09 2019 16:57h

YouTube Rolls Out YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in the UAE

Looks like Spotify and Anghami have some serious competition
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Great news for music fans throughout the region (and some not-so-good news for all the music-streaming platforms out there...) 

YouTube Music (@youtubemusic) and YouTube Premium has now officially launched across the GCC and Lebanon.

For a small monthly feed, users will be able to continue listening to their favorite tunes (and music videos) even if they’re using a different app or browsing the internet in a different tab. 

According to TimeOut Dubai “. . . other perks in the Dhs23.99/BHD2.46/OMR2.51 per month premium subscription service include no adverts, offline access, which means you can download your favorite videos to watch whenever you want, and a subscription to YouTube Music, which has also just launched across the Middle East.”

According to Esquire Middle East T.Jay Fowler, Director of Product Management, Music Products, at YouTube said “. . . we’re proud that the Middle East’s rich musical heritage has a home on YouTube and we’re excited about bringing it closer to our users with YouTube Music.”

“We built YouTube Music to help people find and enjoy the music they love whether it's through official releases or iconic music videos, bringing artists closer to their fans. YouTube Music will help people expand their musical world and tastes because it’s a smart service that also helps you discover new music and artists they are sure to love,” Fowler said.

But the most exciting feature of the platform is definately YouTube's Smart Search technology. Users can search for terms, phrases or lyrics related to a song if they can't remember the title or the artist.

The video-sharing platform celebrated the launch last night by inviting music industry professionals and content creators to an exclusive, invitation-only event in Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai.

After the initial reveal of Youtube Music and YouTube Premium guests danced the night away to performances by Abu and other well-known Arabic artists.

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