19.09 2019 12:42h

Introducing Live Unite Spotlight: 5 Male Fitness Micro-Influencers To Follow

In this new series, we'll be highlighting Live Unite content creators on a weekly basis
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We're excited to introduce our weekly Live Unite Spotlight, where we feature the top five Live Unite micro-influencers you should be following on Instagram.

This week we're focusing on the five fitness buffs you should follow for fitness inspiration.

Check them out here and let us know your favorite fitness influencer in the comments below. 

Eric Akoa (@eric.fitdubai)

Matteo Arnaldi (@matteoarnaldifitness)

Meddy (@coachmeddydubai)

Rabih Turk (@rabihelturk)

Rami Rasamny (@ramirasamny)

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Instagram.


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