30.09 2019 12:33h

YouTube is Changing It's Verification Process

Content creators will not be happy about this
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Many content creators and influencers are obsessed with verification – even if they won’t admit it to their peers.

While getting verified can mean a variety of things to a creator (status, prestige, and an increase in rates when working on sponsorship deals) many platforms stress it has nothing to do with quality of content and is not an endorsement from the platform itself.

Verification (a concept originally created by Twitter) was rolled out to help prevent fraud and impersonator accounts. Across all platforms, it’s largely meant to identity media organizations, global brands, public or “notable” figures.

For some influencers being awarded that blue tick next to their handle is the ultimate validation and they will do just about anything to become verified.

Unfortunately, it’s bad news for those creators seeking verification for their YouTube channels in the near future.
The video sharing platform is making it harder for channels to become verified. Currently, any channel with over 100,000 subscribers can be verified. But that’s all about to change.

According to The Verge “. . . YouTube is emphasizing verifying prominent channels that have a ‘clear need for proof of authenticity . . .’ This includes traditional YouTubers, musicians, comedians, and artists, among others.”

The Verge also notes that within the platform channels that are verified get “top recommendations” when users search on YouTube.

The platform has come out and said it will not remove verification badges from channels that are currently verified (but don’t meet the new criteria) after confusion caused concern within creator communities, leading some to believe their channel’s verification would be revoked.

The update to YouTube’s verification program will be rolled out in October 2019.

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