01.10 2019 12:36h

EMKWAN Shares His Thoughts on Reaching 100K Subscribers

Plus a few tips on how to grow your audience on YouTube
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It's been a few days of celebration for EMKWAN.

The popular Abu Dhabi-based tech reviewer and vlogger hit over 100K subscribers on his channel earlier this week.

"I'm incredibly humbled and honoured that 100k people trusted my content and felt it was good enough to hit that subscribe button and join me on my journey," EMKWAN said.

The tech reviewer states he was able to grow his subscriber count on the platform by focusing on his main tech review channel, EMKWAN REVIEWS, and putting EMKWAN VLOGS on the backburner.

"Over the last 18 months, I’ve focused heavily on just one channel instead of two on the YouTube platform. What that’s taught me which I think may be beneficial to other content creators is drill down on a niche. Get persistent, consistent and polish up on your craft."

"18 months ago this channel EMKWAN REVIEWS was at around 40k subs," he said. "It’s perfectly possible with hard work to get that silver play button from YouTube... which incidentally I can’t wait to ‘unbox’ on my channel. Video coming soon!"

Huge congratulations, EMKWAN! Be sure to follow him on Instagram @EMKWAN and subscribe to his YouTube channels.

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Photo credit: Instagram.


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