02.10 2019 12:45h

The New Instagram Tips Account You Don't Know About... Yet

It's account entirely dedicated to helping creators succeed on the platform
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Keeping up with best practices when it comes to creating content, growing an audience and engaging within a community on social media can be tough, especially as methods that work on one platform don’t necessarily apply to another.

And while hosting tutorial classes and seminars, and publishing e-guides are helpful content creators don’t always have the time to review the materials in the form of an e-book or to sit down within a classroom environment.

As the attention span of Millennials and Gen-Zers continues to decline, platforms need to think smart when it comes to sharing information and best practices with a wide pool of creators. 

Instagram, however, is trying out a new method of communicating best practices to aspiring creators and influencers.

The Facebook-owned platform recently launched a new account on Instagram: @creators. Its sole purpose is to educate users about growing an audience on Instagram and making the most of Instagram’s features.

The account features content from some of Instagram’s most engaging influencers (a.k.a. Insta-experts) like Susie Meoww (@SusieMeoww), Adam Waheed (@AdamW) and Indiana (@Indiana).

Insta-fans and other creators are also encouraged to share their tips and tricks by using the tag #HowICreate.

Why launch @Creators now in 2019?

With the rise of new social media platforms TikTok and overall engagement down on Instagram, the platform is looking at ways to keep creators engaged and creating unique, Insta-friendly content.

It’s anticipated that IGTV will be making a strong appearance within the content featured on @creators.

The video-sharing feature was rolled out in 2018 and was meant to be Instagram’s answer to  long-form video hosting platforms like YouTube, however, it has yet to catch on with the majority of content creators.

Instagram has tried a variety of ways to encourage creators to use the feature, such as having social media sensation Lele Pons host her cooking show on the platform and highlighting the feature within its creator masterclasses.

But unlike YouTube which offers its creators the opportunity to monetize their channels via its partner program, IGTV doesn’t give influencers a way to monetize their content.

According to The Verge “. . . So far, Instagram hasn’t given anyone a native way to make money on the platform, although Antony told The Verge in April that IGTV will be the first place the company monetizes. In a call last week, however, he said the platform isn’t “there yet.” In the meantime, people should keep making content for it, though.”

Either way, we think @creators is a great idea when it comes to sharing tips, tricks and best practices within the creator community. We’re excited to see what kinds of #InstaHacks they’ll be sharing on the account within the near future.

To stay up-to-date on the latest Instagram best practices, follow @creators on Instagram.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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