03.10 2019 11:33h

Live Unite Spotlight: 5 Fitness Micro-Influencers You Need To Follow on Instagram

Hitting the gym this weekend? Check out these ladies for some serious workout inspiration
Karen Mattar, Nelita Villezon, Radha Shah, Suzana Krkeljic, Live Unite, Micro-Influencers

This week we're focusing on the five female fitness babes you should follow for "fitspo" on the 'gram.

Check them out here and let us know your favorite female fitness influencer in the comments below.

Alana Slater (@curlylarnie)

Karen Mattar (@karenmattar)

Nelita Villezon (@nelita_v)

Radha Shah (@radhasrevolution)

Suzana Krkeljic (@suzannaak)

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Instagram.


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