03.10 2019 12:03h

YouTube is Rolling Out New Comment Filters

It's going to make comment moderation a whole lot easier - and safer.
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Throughout the past two years, all social media platforms have been working to put a stop to cyber-bullying and negativity amongst users.

YouTube just announced it has rolled out a new set of comment moderating features in the form of filters.

According to Social Media Today the overall goal of the new filters is to “. . . make it easier for creators and brands to identify key video responses of interest.”

YouTubers will be able to filter their video comments by five different categories:

  • Response status (Have I already responded to this comment?)
  • Contains question (Does the comment contain a question?)
  • Subscriber count (Does the commenter have at least 1K/10K/100K/1M/10M subs?)
  • Subscriber status (Is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?)
  • Member status (Is the commenter a member?)

"Comments can be a powerful way for you to continue the conversation from your videos and build a community with your audience. Over the past two years, we’ve introduced a number of new ways to help you manage conversations within your community including creator hearts, comment pinning, and a new setting to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review,” YouTube said, in an updated page on YouTube Help.

“Today, we’re launching new comment search filters in YouTube Studio. This is the top feature request we get from creators, and we hope it makes it easier to find and respond to the comments that are most important to you."

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