08.10 2019 12:39h

The Beauty Brand Influencers Can't Stop Talking About

Introducing the Luna 3, the first-ever deep facial cleansing smart device
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As the events season kicks off (starting with GQ’s Middle East awards) beauty influencers and content creators are adding a few extra steps to their makeup routines.

While looking flawless and contoured takes real effort (applying fake eyelashes and rocking a perfect red lip is no joke!) the real challenge lies within removing all that makeup at the end of the day. After all, no self-respecting beauty guru would hit the sheets without wiping off every trace of mascara and eyeliner.

The good news is one of our favorite innovative beauty brands, FOREO, has recently released the LUNA 3: the first ever skincare device on the market that combines an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with a variety of targeted firming massage routines all controlled via the FOREO app.

The LUNA 3 is perfect for removing heavy duty makeup and environmental pollutants, along with helping the skin regenerate and absorb skincare products. Demand for this latest beauty upgrade is high with more than 20 million customers globally currently using a FOREO LUNA as the foundation to their cleansing routine.

Beauty guru Nazanin Fara is a huge fan of FOREO products, and uses her LUNA 2 routinely to keep her complexion looking fresh and flawness.

LUNA 3 is priced at 1000 AED and is available in a range of three skin types including normal (pearl pink), sensitive (lavender) and combination (blue). The LUNA 3 is available in-store at Sephora across the GCC and online on foreo.com

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