08.10 2019 17:14h

KSI and Logan Paul Serves It Up at Their Latest Press Conference in London

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KSI, Logan Paul, KSI Vs Logan Paul

He walked on stage with a dog... called King Kong.

KSI and Logan Paul spent almost a full thirty minutes dissing each other at the latest pre-fight event. It got heated between the two superstar content creators, as they took to the stage in London to answer questions at the KSI vs. Logan Paul press conference. 

The YouTube sensations will duke it out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Nov 9 and further developments reveal the duo are taking the rematch very seriously.

The two creators volleyed insults back-and-forth in London in front of a chanting crowd of fans. Jake Paul and Viddal Riley were also present on stage.

While the press conference certainly saw the two creators getting riled up, they both appeared contained and self-assured of their boxing skills. 

Both Logan Paul and KSI have released promotional videos, encouraging fans to tune-in this November.

The fight will be streamed on live sports streaming app DANZ and both creators will be considered professional fighters.

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Photo credit: YouTube.


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