13.10 2019 16:47h

Regional Content Creators Check Out Ericsson's 5G Technology at GITEX

EMKWAN and Ahmed "DVLZGame" Al-Nasheet talk about the future of connectivity in their latest videos
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It was a busy week at GITEX Technology Week last week.

From flying taxis from GITEX Future Stars, there was plenty of innovative technology to check out.

Two of the region’s biggest content creators, EMKWAN and Ahmed “DVLZGame” Al-Nasheet, couldn’t get enough of Ericsson 5G activation. Both content creators spent some time checking it out and sharing their thoughts on the future of connectivity with their audience on YouTube.

What’s the difference between 5G and… other “G’s”?

The main difference with 5G boils down to the fact that it’s use-case driven and, overall, a better experience for the consumer.

This means faster connectivity and performance when utilizing devices that are optimized for 5G. Think real-time translation, enhanced event experiences and immersive VR-gaming to be a reality.

According to Ericsson MEA 5G is both about improving the mobile broadband service that consumers already today subscribe to and about adding completely new services and experiences over time.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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