14.10 2019 14:33h

Teens Are Sick of Their Parents Posting About Them Online

Gen-Z clearly doesn't those embarrassing baby photos to be seen by anyone
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According to CNN, researchers have discovered 42% of teenagers think it’s a problem for their parents to post about them on social media and 11% of those teenagers say it is a "big problem."

In other words, parents, please stop "sharenting" - meaning, stop sharing your children’s baby pictures and embarrassing videos online.

The study is titled "Civility, Safety, and Interaction Online – 2019" and was conducted by Microsoft.

The aim was to highlight the safety risk of oversharing children’s information online. It involved 12,500 teens aged 13-17 in 25 different countries.

The research notes that by oversharing person information on social media, hackers are more likely to be able to use that to invade their privacy. Or in some cases, cause much more damage.

From the point of view of most teenagers, it’s just a matter of embarrassment. Half of all teenagers in the study said that they have reached out to their parents before to discuss this issue.

Parents, for the sake of your children’s reputation and their online safety, think twice before sharing those baby photos online. 

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Written by Reem Makari. Photo credit:


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