21.10 2019 11:37h

ITP Live's Annual Conference is Happening Very Soon

Here's how you can RSVP to "The World of 360° Content: Podcasts, Video and Beyond"
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ITP Live is very excited to announce our annual ITP Live conference, which will take place on Nov 19 at Address Sky View.

Join us from 8am-2pm as we explore the evolution of storytelling within our overarching theme, "The World of 360° Content: Podcasts, Video and Beyond."

The day will be filled with keynote speakers, panel discussions and a breakout session related to the to the biggest trends we're seeing throughout the MENA region.

We’ll take a closer look at the role audio, video, gaming and influencer marketing are playing within the ever-changing media landscape.

We're also excited to welcome a very special keynote speaker (who will be announced soon!), along with industry experts and regional content creators at the event.

Interested in attending ITP Live's Conference? 

Email RSVP@itp.live to confirm your attendance.  

Want to know more about what to expect throughout our "The World of 360-Degree Content?" 

Here's what we'll be unpacking throughout the day...


The Last Decade: The Evolution of Media in The Arab World

How has social media influenced the sharing of information within the Arab world throughout the past ten years? What’s different now in comparison to a decade ago? And Going into 2020 how are Millennials and Gen-Zers within the region consuming content?

We’ll explore the rapidly changing media landscape within MENA and touch on how Arab youth consume information and content, along with the never-ending growth of video content – and what trends we can expect to see take off within the region going into the new year.


How Long Should My Video Be?

How can both short-form and long-form video co-exist within the digital media landscape? Is one more effective than the other? How should you determine what length of video is right for your brand’s content, and what options do marketers and content creators have when sharing video online?

With short-form video sharing platforms like TikTok on the rise, we’ll explore everything from the future of video formats to the trends we’re seeing within the MENA region on this panel – and we’ll get into it all with some of most inspiring and innovative creators in the world of video content.

Crisis Management: What To Do When An Influencer Goes Rogue

When influencer marketing goes wrong, it can be a very negative experience for all parties involved whether it’s the marketer, the brand or the influencer.

In this panel we will discuss best practices when it comes to safe guarding your brand when working with influencers; proper risk management practices by communication experts (and warning signs to avoid); the safest way to ensure your brand’s integrity is protected throughout an entire influencer marketing campaign; and how to handle a post-campaign crisis. We’ll examine various case studies and ask brands how they managed situations with influencers “going rogue.”

Music That Connects: The Power of Streaming

With the explosion of streaming platforms throughout the MENA region, music and audio content is more accessible than ever before.

In this panel, we sit down with some of the key players in the music industry to discuss the future of consuming music; how streaming has changed the music industry within the region and why it will be one of the main methods of consuming audio content in the future.


10 Tips For Podcast Success in MENA

Podcasting has been around for over fifteen years, yet many content creators struggle when making the jump into the world of audio-visual. In this workshop the hosts of the region’s most successful podcasts will breakdown why the trend is catching on in the region, how to get started with podcasting and the best practices for reaching your target audience.

Lunch will be provided at the end of the conference.

Please note timings of panels, keynote and breakout sessions - along with speakers and moderators - to be announced. To RSVP click here.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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