21.10 2019 15:18h

One Year To Go: What Happened at The Expo 2020 Countdown Party

From Mariah Carey to a massive light show, the celebrations were exhilarating
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Yesterday evening at 8:25pm Dubai was lit up in celebration of the official countdown to Expo 2020.

Dubai promises that next year’s Expo, the first to ever be held in the Middle East, will bring together millions of people from 190 countries in what they are calling “The World’s Greatest Show.” 

This six-month event has been anticipated for the past five years and the excitement is already building in the heart of Dubai. Yesterday’s events were only a glimpse of what’s to come.

As part of the countdown to Expo 2020, a number of events were held across all seven emirates to celebrate "One Year to Go."

The festivities kicked off at five pm in the Dubai International Airport (DXB). Twenty drummers from different continents picked up passengers and took them to an exciting #musicDXB performance to celebrate.

Best-selling US singer Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) and Emirati Star and #Expo2020 ambassador Hussain Al Jassmi (@7sainaljassmi) then headlined a concert held at Burj Park for a night to remember.

The concert began with applause as Hassan Al Jassmi  performed Emirati hits like ‘Ana Skahi’ and ‘Ahibak’.  He wore a traditional ghutra and kandura with an orchestra playing in the background. 

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor (@ShraddhaKapoor)  and social media influencer Khalid Al Meri then took to the stage and counted down until a year to go to #Expo2020.

When the clock hit exactly 8:20PM, fireworks erupted and the crowd went loud to commemorate the celebrations.

To top it all off, legendary artist Mariah Carey appeared on the big stage wearing a floor-length golden gown and blasted her biggest hits. She performed some of her most iconic songs like ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘Obsessed’, and ‘Hero’.

“Thank you to all of you in every emirate for being part of the One Year to Go celebrations,” Carey said. “It’s going to be the World’s Greatest Show so be sure to be there next year.”

Tickets to Dubai’s Expo 2020 will start selling in April on the website with one day passes starting at AED 120. To read more about Expo 2020 click here.

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