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Four Tips For Using Social Media Content Templates

This is basically a guide on making brands and influencers’ lives so much easier
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Social media accounts who need to advertise their brand need to gain a trust with their followers. The easiest way to do that is with consistency.

This doesn’t just apply to posting regularly. It also means developing a specific style and theme for your campaigns. Using the same colors, fonts, hashtags, and so on.

If you’re a big brand, these elements may get a bit lost and that is when templates become ideal. It’s just as important to use in social media as it is for writers to brainstorm before making content.

These are four key tips on using social media templates to make your lives so much easier.

1. Develop Consistent Company-wide Assets

Create a shared file between all members that are a part of the marketing team for your brand and keep it updated.

This way you can store everything from banners, logos, font type, colors, photoshop files, bios, and so much more in to one organized space.

3. Use Templates To Organize All Marketing Activities

Specific templates should be kept to update and look back at when creating new types of marketing activities.

Important activities like advertisements, events, surveys, announcements and so on would all look like they belong to the same company. If your style is unique and consistent enough to the brand, customers can take a look at a new product and be able to tell what company it came from.

4. Rely On Templates For Cross-channel Communication

Templates are beneficial in creating consistent content that aligns with both social media posts and the original website.

They will help make sure that content shown on social media can refer back to the website, emails, and more. So if you gain a new follower on Instagram, you can refer them back to your website and be able to build connections with them.

So next time you are thinking up of a new campaign or advertisement for your brand, take a look at creating a template first and then post to the public. Small steps matter in creating a big company.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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