24.10 2019 13:43h

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Sets 10 Rules Social Media Influencers Should Follow

How to be the best Emirati social media influencer you can be.
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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, recently tweeted (@HHShkMohd) a list of 10 characteristics that social media influencers should inherit.

The list posted in Arabic encourages the influencerts to represent their country, reflect maturity, and spread positivity in the community.

“We will not allow a group of Twitter users to mess with Zayed’s legacy of credibility and love and respect for people,” Sheikh Mohammed said.”The good image of the UAE and the Emiratis must remain bright as Zayed wanted and built.”

Some of the highlights in the list include being modest, seeking to build bridges with other nations, participate in debates, and most importantly having qualities that make the country proud.

The guidelines come as a follow up to an open letter writer by Sheikh Mohammed to social media users in September.

His Highness asked the users to not tarnish UAE’s image on social media.

"Neglect and chaos over social media platforms impact the achievements that thousands of work teams have dedicated their greatest efforts to build,” He wrote. “The reputation of the UAE is not for public use by those who seek more followers.”

The full guidelines are:

  1. A personality who reflects Zayed’s image and ethics when interacting with people
  2. A personality who reflects what the UAE has accomplished in knowledge, culture and civilization
  3. A personality who shies away from swearing and insulting and avoids shameful conversation
  4. A knowledgeable personality who uses argument and logic in conversation
  5. A personality who appreciates good words, beautiful images and positive interaction with minds, cultures and societies
  6. An informative personality who is useful to others and spreads ideas and social and humanitarian initiatives which are proliferate in the UAE
  7. A personality who is integrated with global surroundings, speaks their language, addresses their issues and positively interacts with their future
  8. A self-confident personality who accepts diversity and builds bridges with other people
  9. A personality who reflects UAE’s modesty, goodness, love of others and openness for other peoples
  10. A personality who adores the nation, is proud of it and sacrifice for it

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