12.01 2020 09:00h

TikTok Spreads Positivity with New Safety and Privacy Awareness Videos

We love a platform that cares about viral stuff AND mental health.
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TikTok creators are bringing positivity back in to the platform by releasing an educational video series called “You’re in Control”.

The series is a set of short and fun videos explaining TikTok’s safety and privacy control options in a creative and easily understandable way.

“TikTok is committed to building a positive environment where creativity radiates and everyone feels safe,” Kudzi Chikumbu, TikTok’s director of creator community, said in a press release. “Our in-app controls are designed to keep TikTok welcoming for everyone and we love showcasing these creators’ enthusiasm to help keep our community safe.”

The TikTok platform collaborated with twelve popular online content creators for this project to make it as unique as possible including: @nathanpiland, @d_damodel, @juniortvine, @Stevenmckell, @supershaund, @ourfire, @thedawndishsoap, @katjaglieson, @mahoganylox, @chanydakota, @shreksdumpster, and @christinebarger.

They each worked on videos that highlight in-app features spreading safety and positivity in the TikTok community. The six important topics included are: choosing who can duet with you, reporting inapporopriate behaviour, blocking a user, filtering comments, being thoughtful about your profile, and keeping TikTok positive.

This is the second set of safety videos in TikTok’s “You’re in Control” series with the first one that launched in February focusing more on the basic Community Guidelines and Enabling messaging/comment controls.

All of the videos can be viewed directly on the app on the account @TikTopTips and users are encouraged to watch them to learn how to keep negativity away from their profile.

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