29.10 2019 11:58h

Citibank Introduces Global Wallet and Content Creators Couldn't Be More Excited

The easiest way to pay for anything, both at home and abroad
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Exciting times for those of us who have travel plans within the coming weeks.

Citibank has recently introduced a Global Wallet feature, which many content creators are finding to be a huge life saver when travelling the world.

If you consider yourself a “global citizen” and are always on the go, this might be one of the best ways to shop and pay for goods – both locally and abroad.

Global Wallet gives you the power to use your debit card worldwide when traveling and to spend one of 8 foreign currencies anywhere in the world without racking up additional foreign currency exchange or processing fees.

It’s also an excellent option for those of us who enjoy shopping online and hate having to deal with exchange rates when placing orders.

Citibank has also rolled out a new PayAll feature that gives its users the ability to pay rent, school fees, property maintenance and much more – while collecting Skywards Points, ThankYou Points (that can be redeems for merchandise, airline miles or vouchers) and earning cash back.

Either way both options are excellent for creators on the go – especially if they're looking for a quick, efficient method to pay for services both at home and throughout their travels.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Fitness with Essa. 


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