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These Are the Top 11 Followers You Need To Follow Right Now

You’ve never smelled better…
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We’ve witnessed the rise of skincare goddesses on Instagram and automobile models and sponsors but now we’re looking at perfume influencers.

It’s a new world filled with luxury and elegance when it comes to perfume influencers. You can learn everything from the best fragrances of 2019 to exploring vintage perfumes.

Here are 11 of the most popular perfume influencers you should follow:

Mona Kattan (@monakattan), 1.9M Followers

Dubai-based beauty influencer, main cast on Huda Boss, and perfume enthusiast or as Mona Kattan puts it: #PerfumePrincess.

This Instagram queen is obsessed with perfumes and she makes sure to share the love with her followers. Checkout her perfume stories for recommendations in her Instagram highlights.

Jeremy Fragrance (@jeremyfragrance), 879K Subscribers

This Youtuber gained a dedicated online following by posting videos reviewing different perfumes and providing advice and which scents are best to buy.

His hashtag is #fragrancearmy on Instagram and he even has his own brand Fragrance One (@fragrance.one) where he started selling his own perfume “Office for Men”.

Sonia Constant Perfumer (@soniaconstantperfumer), 3K Followers

This perfume expert is the founder of luxurious brand Ella K Parfums (@ella_k_parfums_paris) in Paris.

On her Instagram account, she shares her journey towards creating a perfume by describing all the elements and tastes she puts into each one. Sonia also shares her personal reviews of other perfumes on her account. 

Rami (@hello.rami), 5K Followers

A fragrant expert based in Dubai, Rami shares consisten Instagram posts to his 5K followers of the best perfumes he comes acress.

If you’re interested in stronger scents like oud and oils, be sure to check out his account!

Tiff Benson (@tiffbenson), 75K Followers

Fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram and a perfume expert on YouTube, Tiff Benson is taking this industry by a storm. 

This content creator has 50K followers on her channel where she rates different perfumes, reviews well-know perfume brands like Tom Ford, and the occasional lifestyle video/vlog. 

Maison Francis Kurkdijan (@franciskurkdijan). 103K Followers 

Francis Kurkdijan is the founder of the luxurious parisian perfume brand: Maison Francis Kurkdijan

He desrcibes the essense of the brand to be sophsticated, timeless, and pure which is exactly what his Instagram account seems to put on show. 

Lizzie "Odette Toilette" Ostrom (@odettetoilette), 1.9K Followers

Lizzie Ostrom is both and author and perfumer who puts all of her care in to the art of perfume making and then sharing it to the world. 

The influencer hosts events and masterclasses on perfume-making and reviewing and she even wrote a book titled "Perfume: A Century of Scent" on the histroy of perfume. 

Dariush "Persolaise" Alavi (@persolaise), 4K Followers

If you're looking for in-depth crticism of perfumes and here for some expertise, make sure to take a look at Dariush Alavi's YouTube channel: Persolaise

Alavi is an award-winning perfume expert and author and dedicates his time taking in every little element and note that goes into creating the perfect scent. 

Victoria Frolova (@boisdejasmine), 5.8K Followers

Journalist-turned-perfume specialist, Victoria Frolove became the creator and writer of one of the most sought after perfume blogs in the world: Bios de Jasmin.

The writer spends her time travelling around the world to discover where the perfume scents originate from and analyzes how scents evolve and the impressions they leave.

Carlos Huber (@arquistecarlos), 29K Followers

If you're looking to go back and explore the past, Carlos Huber found a way to connect scents and history in his perfume brand: ARQUISTE Parfumeur

On his account, the perfumer shared behind-the-scenes of the brand and some of his own personal experience. In his words: "Scent is a time capsule." 

The Perfume Society (@theperfumesociety), 53K Followers 

Lastly, for all the perfume enthusiasts, make sure to check out The Perfume Society on Instagram to get the best perfume reviews. 

The group of girls who run the account post IGTV videos of ther favourtie seasonal picks as well as individual post reviews for perfume brands.

Have we forgotten anyone? Who's your favourite perfume influencer? Let us know in the comments below.


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