28.10 2019 10:00h

Halal Skincare Has Never Been More Luxurious

And this brand even contains REAL 24-carat gold
Safi Rania Gold, 24 carat, Halal Skincare, Skincare

For all those beauty fanatics out there looking to keep Halal while maintaining their complexion, we have excellent news for you.

Safi Rania Gold has recently launched in the Middle East and beauty addicts can’t get enough of the age-defying, 24 carat gold skincare range.

According to Day of Dubai, the world’s leading halal premier skincare brand is “extremely effective” for women in the 25-40 age range and has been designed to be a highly effective product with unique Biography Nano 24K Gold and special Silk Healthy protein (improved with 18 amino acids.)

Gold is well-known for its anti-aging properties and has been used within the beauty industry for years now (especially within the MENA region where gold facials are very popular) so we aren’t surprised to see it as a key ingredient within Safi Rania Gold. It’s also an excellent anti-oxidant

"Safi Rania Gold variety of Halal skincare products are set to reinvent the Middle East charm market, as there are minimal skin care products in the market which are Halal,” Arun Giridhar, General Manager of Wipro Unza Middle East Limited, Safi Rania Gold’s parent, said.

“The Safi Rania Gold brand ventures to provide the very best quality products to fulfill the growing needs of our consumers and provides unparalleled skin advantages because of its natural ingredients. The benefits of using Halal skin care products are far-reaching, and we bring this proficiency to the region, for the very first time. "

One thing is for certain with Safi Rania Gold: halal skincare was never so luxurious.

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Photo credit: Day of Dubai


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