03.11 2019 16:49h

The UAE Is Celebrating Flag Day Today

There's no better way to honor the country than to rise your flags.
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Feeling a bit patriotic today? It must be UAE Flag Day.

UAE nationals, residents and expats celebrated across different institutions, stood together and raised the UAE flag today at 11:00am, in honor of the great nation we all call home: the United Arab Emirates.

The annual celebration originally started in 2013, to commemorate His Highness Sheikh Kalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s presidency in 2004.

Vice President and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid (@hhshkmohd) was present near the Burj Khalifa and lifted the union banner to honor this day.

"Today we have simultaneously raised the UAE flag with thousands of our workforce teams across all our institutions. It was lifted in our hearts then into the sky," he said.

"We have risen the level of our aspirations and our flags rose everywhere. Our citizens’ pride of their country has risen and the UAE’s flag will remain grand and flap high with the endeavour, determination and allegiance of the UAE’s sons [citizens]."

The national flag of the UAE is a symbol of pride and success for Emiratis and #UAEFlagDay is a visual representation of the people’s devoted patriotism to the country. It is important to celebrate #UAEFlagDay for that reason.

"Our celebration of Flag Day is a translation of our patriotic feelings toward the UAE Flag, which we hold in high esteem, being a symbol of unity and Arabism, the foundation of which was laid down by late Sheikh Zayed,” Bin Rashid said.

Interested to see how people across the UAE celebrated Flag Day? Check out #UAEFlagDay on Instagram.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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