10.11 2019 13:29h

Sam Chui Takes Us Inside A Flying Hospital

And he spent his birthday doing something very special in Ghana
Sam Chui, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, Sam Chui Aviation

Sam Chui takes us inside a flying hospital… well, actually, it’s the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

After arriving at Accra, Ghana, Sam spent the day with the Orbis crew to convert the MD-10 plane into a hospital. That’s right, a completely high-tech hospital.

The transformation was nothing short of amazing (Sam will be uploading a separate video about his experience very soon) and done quickly in just few hours.

He gives us a quick look inside the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, and will be sharing more details on his experience with the Orbis team very soon.

Sam event celebrated his birthday onboard the plane, where the lovely crew members and volunteers surprised him with a chocolate birthday cake.

In addition to giving us a sneak peek inside the flying eye hospital, Sam is working to bring public awareness to Orbis and how the Flying Eye Hospital operates to help restore eyesight and prevent blindness to those less privileged in Ghana – and around the world.

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Photo Credits: Sam Chui.


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