25.11 2019 09:30h

Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

Should you prioritize it over other social media platforms?
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Instagram has come a long way from being a platform where people shared snaps of their lunch and motivational quotes within their feed.

While the social media platform continues to support content creators and influencers, new research suggests it will be one of the most important marketing channels for small and medium sized businesses going into 2020, especially for businesses located in the MENA region.

A recent study by YouGov – commissioned by Instagram – reveals the platform will be the primary marketing channel for 73% of small and medium sized businesses in the region within the next five years.

With more than 90% of people on Instagram following a brand on Instagram, the YouGov research reveals entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business are using the platform as a place to show how they are different from their competitors, generate new leads and drive sales.

But what does this mean for other social media platforms?

While maintaining a presence on Instagram might be considered an essential aspect when it comes to a business’ social media marketing plan, it’s important to consider all platforms when developing an effective strategy.

Facebook remains a popular way to connect and communicate with customers, with many businesses seeing huge return from word-of-mouth marketing executed within Facebook Groups; new platforms like TikTok are an effective way to tap into the Gen-Z demographic; and many consumers are active on Twitter, sharing feedback directly with brands via a tweet.

While Instagram will continue to be an important social media marketing tool for many businesses going into the new year, it’s important to consider all platforms when developing.

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