20.12 2019 14:00h

Facebook is Rolling Out Suggested Moderator Recommendations

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In a Facebook group that can gets chaotic from time to time?  You can add moderation resources to keep things under control. 

Facebook is rolling out a new tool that will soon be available to a small set of existing groups, and will expand over time.

To help narrow your group leader, Facebook is now adding a new Suggested Moderator tool, which will identify key members of your groups who can be moderators or group leaders group leaders.

The new feature was first spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra last week, and is now being rolled out to all mobile users.

As explained by Facebook:

"[The] feature that will suggest a list of members from your group who could potentially be a good fit for your moderator team. This feature is completely optional to use, and we have several processes in place to help keep groups safe. However, admins also have an important role in protecting their group, and we recommend that admins thoroughly check the member profiles of these suggested moderators before officially inviting them to join the moderator team."

According to SocialMediaToday.com Facebook first started testing Suggested Moderators back in July.

Facebook explained that in order to view your Suggested Moderator recommendations (if/when you have access), you'll need to:

• Navigate to your 'Admin Tools' section in your group

• Within the section titled 'Insights from the last 28 days', swipe left until you see a section that has a number of suggested moderators for you to review.

• Once you click on that section, you'll see a list of the specific members that we recommend would be good fits for your group as moderators.

• Within that list, you can directly decide to invite those members to join your moderator team.

This feature can come in handy for brands, it can help identify and acknowledge key advocates, and communicate messages in a semi-formal format.

There is a certain level of risk in trusting group administration to non-employees… Nevertheless this feature is definitely worth a shot for all you Facebook fans!

Facebook group engagement is constantly rising, which Facebook smartly capitalized on, more businesses are no doubt considering whether a Facebook group could be beneficial to their broader marketing efforts.

Get thinking... predict YOUR group moderator before the update rolls out on your Facebook!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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